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    International Strategy/Erasmus Policy Statement

    In order to successfully carry out the process of internationalisation the TEI of Western Macedonia has formulated a specific strategy which is designed to meet national and European key policy objectives. The first priority of TEIWM is the constant pursuit of excellence and the attempt to reach high quality standards. TEIWM has been awarded the DS label for the years 2011 to 2014 and the ECTS label has been set as its next goal. Emphasis is, therefore, placed on the transparency of educational activities and the accessibility of information regarding all aspects of academic life within the institution. The website of TEIWM includes a comprehensive ECTS Information Package and Course Catalogue in accordance with the requirements of the European Qualifications Framework.

    In the frame of the internationalisation strategy of the institution certain criteria for the choice of international (EU and non-EU) partners have been set.

    The criteria for partners from EU countries are the following:

    1. They should be EUC holders.
    2. They should use the ECTS credit system.
    3. High priority is given to ECTS and/or DS label holders.

    Similarly, the criteria for partners from both EU and non-EU countries are:

    1. They should have clear and concise and easily accessible Course Catalogues.
    2. The learning outcomes of the study programmes they offer should be similar or complementary to ours.
    3. They should offer courses in English or other widely spoken languages.
    4. They should reflect the needs and aspirations of the research policy of our institution.

    Geographically, our institution aims at maintaining and developing the existing collaborations with institutions in Europe and North America. At the same time, the TEI of Western Macedonia will focus on collaboration with Russia, China and Middle East countries. Our institution is open to participate in networks in other parts of the world, thus providing access to its staff and students to strong academic environments.

    Staff and student mobility is at the core of our international strategy. Thus, our institution has clearly established a number of objectives which will effectively support this mobility. To this end, the institution undertakes to:

    1. Build new strategic partnerships and develop the existing ones in EU and non-EU countries in order to extend and strengthen its international position.
    2. Enhance and facilitate cross-border cooperation and exchanges.
    3. Promote and support student and staff mobility.
    4. Build mobility into the curricula whenever possible
    5. Work towards quality assurance through constant evaluation of course components and academic units.
    6. Efficiently manage its Human Resources to achieve better performance.
    7. Implement ICT into the educational process in order to enrich teaching and improve the learning experience.
    8.  Help students and graduates get the practical knowledge for the workplace and obtain more and better quality placements.
    9. Develop students' international competences.
    10. Find alternative sources of funding, public and/or private.
    11. Seek partnership and cooperation with businesses.
    12. Create links between the institution, research centers and businesses.
    13. Participate in clusters for the dissemination and exploitation of the generated knowledge.
    14. Attract international students and researchers.
    15. Create new opportunities for developing knowledge in an attractive academic environment.

    In the coming years, our institution will focus on developing new Master's degree programmes in collaboration with international higher education institutions. Therefore, the TEI of Western Macedonia will endeavor to support closer international collaboration about matters such as joint degree programmes.

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